Friday, January 23, 2009

Photo blog?

Let's try this again. Maybe if I make it more of a photo blog than a writing blog, we'll have more luck. I love taking pictures of these kids, that's for sure!

I let Wil feed Anna a whole jar of peas today. It went pretty well, and they both enjoyed it. Anna was a giant mess, but what 8-month old wouldn't be after eating a jar of peas?

Wil and Anna have been playing together more and more lately. Soon enough, she'll be able to hold her own against him, and I'll only have to say "Gentle, Wil!" 15 times a day, instead of the usual 30 - 40. He loves her to pieces, and the feeling is mutual, but he just can't quite figure out where the line is between gentle play and, well, beating her up. Some happy sibling photos:

Wil has Fifth Disease in this picture, which is a totally harmless, nearly unavoidable little rash that is going around his preschool right now. It doesn't bother him at all, but it sure looks ugly!

One of their favorite times is when she's in her high chair and he's standing right in front of her, making her laugh. One day soon I'll pull out the video camera so that I can capture the soundtrack that goes along with this picture - the giggles are priceless:

All for now!