Monday, March 23, 2009

Some new pics

*Note: This isn't formatted particularly well, as there is a young man sitting next to me begging to go play in the playroom.

Wil always watches Daddy leave from this window, and Anna has started joining him. Too bad she's not quite tall enough yet!

Helping with spring cleanup.

We have a similar picture of Wil at just about the same age. His also featured drool. (Found it! See below!)

Happy boy with pinwheel. (Click on this one for full effect - the look on his face is priceless).

The artist surveys his work.

The artist's mother tries for some art of her own.

Wil at 11 months.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A conversation

No more vows to blog more. Just a conversation:

Wil (holding Crocs): why doesn't Daddy wear these shoes very much?
Me: Because they're missing a piece.
Wil: Where did it go?
M: in the trash
W: To the dump?
M: Yes, that's where all trash goes.
W: And dead people.
M: No, dead people are buried in the ground at cemeteries.
W: Do they ever come out?
M: No, they don't.
W: Not even in spring?